Project Management expertise is key to business improvement.

Unified Project Management (UPM) represents a modern and international reflection of project management (PM). The UPM approach references and improves upon the two well-known international project management guideline frameworks developed respectively by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) (headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA®) (headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland).

UPM includes the following amongst others:

  • A PM methodology and process model;
  • A PM knowledge taxonomy;
  • A range of PM paradigms;
  • A PM meta-model
  • A project size classification:

  – Single-phase projects:
     1.  Micro projects
     2.  Mini projects
     3.  Maxi projects

  –  Multi-phase projects:
     4. Small projects
     5. Medium projects
     6.  Large projects
     7.  Mega projects

UPM portrays a comprehensive, coherent, and integrated PM approach, and is the result of extensive international research and substantial accumulated experience.

This project management system can propel PM performance by creating systemic business (organizational) advantage in system realization projects and improvement projects that will enhance enterprise success.