The De Villiers Company offers the following scope of services. Details are provided in the Products section.

Our Focus

To enhance business capability to enable improvement using our breakthrough, world-first approaches, methodologies, procedures, and techniques in client projects and operations. To follow an Integrated System Management philosophy to business systems.

Our Offering

  • Advisory (including audits of client Business Improvement Systems)
  • Consulting on enterprise-wide business improvement
  • Project participation in development of new or upgraded systems and products.

Our Target Markets

Private sector businesses and public sector organizations.

Our Speciality

To reduce complexity in businesses and organizations. [Business Improvement is complex!]

Our Objective

To enhance effectiveness, increase efficiency, drive productivity, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction, without the usual complexity for client businesses. The De Villiers Company achieves this by following a systematic, structured, scientific process which is a prerequisite for multi-modal, continual business improvement. This process is empowered by the breakthrough, first-in-the-world concepts of Magnisity® and Eudunamity™ to deliver:

The De Villiers Company strives to encourage clients to embrace formalized, ongoing and never-ending improvement.