Execution of projects is key to businesses and to business improvement.

Projects have become an important factor in the success equation of most businesses and organizations. Projects are well-known throughout all sectors of economic activity, varying in size, duration, cost, core activities, etc. However, project performance is often unsatisfactory in spite of numerous books making it onto the market over the last decades, followed by guidebooks from professional associations, standards from standards organizations, a staggering number of training offerings and a substantial volume of in-house process definitions. This unsatisfactory situation is encountered in both scenarios: projects-as-core-business and projects as non-core activities.

The new name proiektus was derived from the Basque language, and has the meaning: Projects of high sophistication.

This integrated projects system called Proiektus™ offers:

  • A comprehensive, stratified, multi-disciplinary approach to projects of all types, sizes, and for all business sectors.
  • Fundamental integration across disciplinary strata.
  • Comprehensive project process design (down to personnel competency levels, software, templates, etc.).
  • An appropriate meta-model for each industry sector or project class.
  • Robust project process meta-models (with high-fidelity dynamics) per disciplinary stratum.
  • A modern system of management functions called Integrative Management.

Proiektus™ reflects a universal, consistent, and superior methodology for multi-phase projects with substantial commonality to single-phase projects.

Proiektus™ can deliver a quantum jump in overall project performance.